Brits’ bedtime habits

Towards the end of last year The Sleep School conducted The Big Sleep Survey to find out how our nation slept.

13,000 people took part and the results are as follows:

Our nation's bedtime habits revealed in survey








The report delves into some of the types of sleeper, with some further facts and stats:

Solo sleepers

Those who like more space in bed, such as the 37% of people who like to sleep solo on the South Coast of England.

Partner huggers

Such as the 23% of people in Scotland who like to snuggle up to their partner at night.

Bed hoggers and noise makers

Such as the 20% of people in the North East who are guilty of bed hogging, and the 10% of Northern Irish people considered to be noisy sleepers.

The report also concluded that London might not be for you if you like a quiet’s night sleep, as 11% of Londoners are regularly disturbed by noisy traffic.

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