National Bed Month – it’s now time to buy that new bed!

Held every March, the Sleep Council’s National Bed Month is an annual awareness event that encourages people to “think about giving your grotty old mattresses the heave-ho” (in the Council’s words) “and invest in a better night’s sleep with a comfortable, new bed”.

Some research behind National Bed Month

Buy a new bed online or in-store at our In2beds Stoke on Trent and Taunton bed storesA wealth of independent research shows that beds as little as six years old can offer significantly less support and comfort than a new one. This is in part due to wear and tear not just from body weight and movement but also sweat and debris such as skin scales, hair etc (research by the Furniture Industry Research Association, 2011, via the Sleep Council).

The same research shows that a bed can deteriorate by as much as 70% from its ‘as new’ state after 10 years. People who complain that their old bed is uncomfortable tend to sleep nearly one hour less than those who are not unhappy with their old bed, according to a research project. It’s not a huge amount per night, but the project points out that it is a degree of sleep loss that could amount to a long-term health hazard (Sleep Council and Dr Chris Idzikowski two-year research project 1999-2001).

The first mattresses… spare a thought

People sleeping on the first mattresses (piles of leaves, grass, or straw covered in animal skins) probably didn’t provide the most comfortable night’s sleep. It was thousands of years later that the Egyptian pharaohs discovered the luxury of raising bedding off the ground.

But look at where we are now

Most of us now enjoy mattress-induced rest! Nowadays we have the opportunity to buy a new bed and mattress. And that’s a good thing. Particularly as the average person sheds enough skin to completely coat their mattress per year (roughly a pound) and loses a decent measure of body moisture per night!

So don’t wallow in your 'grotty' old bed any longer!

A good night’s sleep does wonders and your bed and mattress should give you that. So if you’ve had your mattress for over seven years we would recommend you consider replacing it.

We’re here to help – online, in Stoke on Trent and Taunton

Rest assured, if March 2015’s National Bed Month passed you by, our In2beds team is here all year round – ready, willing and able to help you find the right bed and mattress for you.

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