Freak accident leads to request for ottoman modifications

Below is a recent announcement and latest information from The Sleep Council. In relation to the below, we would like to reassure In2beds customers that our ottomans are not of this type so are not affected.

Many of you will have been aware of the media publicity last weekend regarding the toddler who was almost hanged after getting his head into the lifting loop of an ‘assisted-lift’ style of Ottoman bed which opened whilst the child’s head was in the loop, effectively hanging him.

The NBF was quoted in the media as having been approached by Derbyshire trading standards about suspending "the supply of similar products currently available" and having them modified to remove the loop.

In fact, the NBF did not get an approach until late last Friday afternoon via their Primary Authority, West Yorkshire trading standards.

They were told by them: “There appears to be a potential entanglement/ strangulation hazard with this type of loop even if the bed lifting mechanism is not triggered – a crawling infant could get their head into such a loop and then twist and/or roll causing the loop to become a ligature around their neck."

“In the immediate wake of this incident Derbyshire TS are seeking that the National Bed Federation are made aware of this incident with a view to instructing members to temporarily suspend the sale of affected products currently in the supply chain pending modification to remove the immediate risk and, longer term, to avoid adding such a feature at the manufacturing stage.”

Whilst this incident was acknowledged by all concerned to be a freak accident, the NBF would once again urge all their members to ensure no further supplies of this type of product are made into the marketplace without suitable modification to remove this potential risk – and also to take steps to ensure retail customers are aware of the risk and to take steps to arrange for suitable modification of shop floor display models.

We will of course keep you posted.