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Beds don’t last forever. So if you’re finding it difficult to sleep or waking up with aches and pain, you may need a new bed and mattress. Perhaps your existing ones are simply suffering from wear and tear.

Rest assured, help to buy a new bed is at hand

When it comes to choosing and buying a new bed a mattress, here at In2beds we know how important the decision is. A great night’s sleep is one of the most important elements of a healthy lifestyle.

There are literally thousands of beds to choose from online and in the numerous stores across the UK.

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So what we like to do at In2beds is arm you with all of the information you need to make the right choice for you. That’s why we offer a free download of The Bed Buyer’s Guide, a booklet produced by The Sleep Council. Download the booklet.

Across this website we’ve also labeled all 

of our mattresses with a comfort rating – from soft through to firm. This is so you can find the right mattress for you.

Here’s a bed fact:

Buying a new bed may give you a better night’s sleep than taking a sleeping pill, according to a two-year research by sleep expert Dr Chris Idzikowski.

He found that those with uncomfortable beds slept an hour less each night that those with comfortable beds (source: The Bed Buyers’ Guide by the Sleep Council).

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Not only are our bed experts always on hand to provide you with all the help you will need in making the perfect choice.

Our stores also have a great range of beds, divans, frames and mattresses for the perfect night’s sleep. With over 20 years’ of bed retailing experience, we’re committed to helping you to sleep well and feel great.

We have stores in Stoke on Trent and Taunton. You can find them both on Google+ where our teams offer regular tips about how to buy beds, what to look for and how to get a good night’s sleep.

Meet our Taunton bed store team on Google+ and our Stoke on Trent bed store team.

But before you go, here’s a quick bed buying tip for you:

When you change your mattress, always look to change your bed base as well. An old base can reduce the useful life of a new mattress, while having an old base can also invalidate manufacturers’ warranties and guarantees.

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